Orgins of The Tactical Trailer Park

Sometimes as you proceed through life, curve balls come at you that you never expected. For me this came when our son was born. There were complications during the pregnancy that caused him to deal with permanent special needs. After getting my degree in Mechanical Engineering and working at a good engineering job for a short time, it became obvious that my place would need to be with my son.

Some changes at my employment left me with the chance to stay home and forge my own way forward in a way that allowed me to continue to create, but support my son as he needed. His progress has been wildly successful, but it meant that I had to put off my previous career path and live a frugal life.

Living in a trailer park while advancing my projects forward has made for an interesting time. Countless times my wife's kitchen table has been commandeered to be a work bench. My little 12'x16' shed grew into a very "cozy" workshop. Creativity and thinking outside the box have been required each step of the way.

In many ways this path is what allowed for these knives to become what they are. Every time I hit a road block, I had to improvise, adapt, and overcome. There is a saying that "the problem is the solution". I like to rephrase this as "let the problem guide you to the solution". We can let problems be roadblocks in our path to success or guideposts to takes us to places we never thought we could go. More on this to come ;)

Well, there is much, much more to come. I guess you'll just have to stop by from time to time for us all to catch up and to see what I can share that helps you on your path and to see what I can learn from all of you.

James aka "Q"

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