• War Grips Military Belt

    -No Story Left Behind-


    That is the genesis of the War Grips Project by the Warrior Angles Organization. Wanting to preserve the memory of their father's service in Vietnam, they took one of his old uniforms and epoxied it together to make grips for a 1911 pistol to preserve his memory and service for years to come in a new form.


    Working with Warrior Angles (www.facebook.com/thewarriorangels) we are beginning to offer these services with our belts and knife handles with more products coming later. We can make these either out of your old uniforms or used uniforms we acquire. You can now preserve your history or the history of your family or friends for many more generations to come. 


    -Belt Features-


    The core of the belt is solid carbon fiber to bring you the lightweight, high strength, and rigid properties needed for a belt used every day. Using marine grade epoxy, we then apply a section of fabric of a uniform to either one or both sides depending on your preference. The belt can be flipped to either show two different patterns of uniform fabric or have one side in carbon fiber and one of your uniform. 


    The belt itself is made out of 1.5" high strength scuba webbing. The belt is held in by the slots making it easy to swap in and out any 1.5" scuba webbing.  You are not restricted by a proprietary belt from us.  Using scuba webbing, you achieve a combination of comfort, strength, and durability for use in any situation. 


    -Belt function-


    Using only slots, this simple but impressively effective system locks in the belt while making any adjustment quickly and precisely. The fixed end slips through the double slits on one side. The adjustment end slides through the single slot. By simply tilting the buckle you can pull the end of the belt through then laying the belt flat again it is locked in again. 


    -Sending in your own fabric- 


    If you want to preserve your personal or families military, police, or first responder uniform, select the "send in your own fabric" option while purchasing, then we will send you the address to mail the fabric.  Choose the section of fabric you would like to display and cut out one or two rectangles measuring 3"x4" each. Send in one section if you want one side in carbon fiber instead of both sides in fabric. 


    This construction method maximized the usefulness of the uniform allowing multiple belts to be made out of the same uniform. 


    If you want a belt but do not have fabric to send in, select the camo pattern you want and we will make a belt using uniforms that were previously used in military service. 


    Typical construction time is 1-2 weeks from the time the fabric has been received to give time for epoxy curing and manufacturing. 


    -Belt Sizing and Adjusting-


    When selecting the belt size, select your waist size in the options. The belt will come with the extra length to lock in the buckle plus 6" of adjustment range. When in doubt, select the next size up. The flat locking side of the belt can be trimmed and flame sealed with a lighter to shorten the belt to your prefered length after you receive the belt. 


    -Performance Testing-


    Here are some of the things we have put these belts through. We wanted to know for ourselves what this was capable of before we offered our products.  First, many of us have been using these belts exclusively on a day to day basis for quite a while now. It has handled day to day construction work, lazy computer work, hiking and mountain climbing, and firearm and self-defence training. In every situation,  it has remained comfortable while fully functional. 


    For example, we took the prototype belt on a mountain climbing hike in the backcountry of Wyoming for testing. After hiking 10.5 miles with 2,000ft of elevation change topping out over 10,000ft above sea level with the belt supporting a Glock 19 and our Ultimate Combat Blade, it held up fantastically. No issues and no concerns. 


    We then put it through a speed hiking test covering 7.3 miles carrying a Glock 19 with 1,000 ft of elevation change averaging a hiking speed of 4mph the entire distance. Again, zero issues. 


    We took it through 2 days of pistol, rifle, and self-defence training. Again, zero issues. 


    Day to day construction work? Zero issues. 


    This belt is designed to handle all conditions, not just simple daily tasks. 


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