Gladius Push Dagger

Borrowing from the success from the Roman Gladius short sword, the Gladius Push Dagger fits the success of Rome into an easily concealable package. The razor-sharp edges make short work of any thrust movement while allowing slash cuts as well. The tapered serrations increase the pain factor without catching on objects. For generations, the push dagger has been the prefered conceal blade for many dating back to Roman times.


Steel: 80crV2.

Blade Length: 2.5",

Handles: Standard Black or our custom made red composite

Made to order: Current manufacturing time - 3 weeks.


-War Grips Handle Scale Option- 


-No Story Left Behind-


That is the genesis of the War Grips Project by the Warrior Angles Organization. Wanting to preserve the memory of their father's service in Vietnam, they took one of his old uniforms and epoxied it together to make grips for a 1911 pistol to preserve his memory and service for years to come in a new form.


Working with Warrior Angles (www.facebook.com/thewarriorangels) we are beginning to offer these services with our belts and knife handles with more products coming later. We can make these either out of your old uniforms or used uniforms we acquire. You can now preserve your history or the history of your family or friends for many more generations to come. 


We can make the scales out of previously used military uniforms we acquire or you can send in your own uniform material to preserve your history and story. 


-Sending in your own fabric- 


If you want to preserve your personal or families military, police, or first responder uniform, select the "send in your own fabric" option while purchasing, then we will send you the address to mail the fabric.  Choose the section of fabric you would like to display and cut out the number of properly sized squares of fabric. The easiest way to mark out the squares is to measure and cut out a marking template of cardboard and use a fabric marker to mark out each square. Each square must be on a flat section of fabric without seams.  Below is a list of the size of each fabric section and the number of sections required. Marking out each square before the material is cut guarantees you have sufficient fabric to make the knife handle. 


-Gladius Push Daggers - 3.5"x5.5" - 8 pieces required


Typical construction time is 3 weeks from the time the fabric has been received to give time for epoxy curing and manufacturing. 


-Discount if ordering grips with new knife-

If purchasing the war grips with a new knife, there is a discount selecting the War Grips option vs. retrofitting a previously made knife.

-Free shipping on all knife scales!-

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