Back Scratcher Blade
  • Back Scratcher Blade

    Need to scratch your back? Don't use this blade unless you want to end up in the hospital. This unique compact blade design has the edge only on the top of the blade. The reverse edge allows for many dangerously effective cuts if you end up in a bad situation. This naturally allows for many defensive moves not possible with many blades. The 2.5" blade has a compact 3 finger handle yet due to its geometry you lose none of your force while using the blade. 


    The custom scales are made in-house out of specific paper and marine grade epoxy to give a strong yet beautiful scale. Each knife comes with the custom formed carbon fibre patterned Holstex sheath. Comes with our Savage Silver Acid Etch Finish. 


    Blade Length - 2.5"

    Blade thickness. 3/16" with cuts under the handle to lighten the blade

    Material - 80crV2 -This tough as nails hight carbon steel is one of the highest value carbon steels available


    ---------These are made to order. Due to current circumstanses, and delays in shipping supplies, current delays are 4-6 weeks before knife is shipped.--------


    Basic Plastic Trainer included


      Handle Material


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